Make Your Own Cheese Press At Home: How To DIY Cheesemaking Equipment

When you get serious about making cheese at home, you may want to consider investing in a cheese press. While you can find a cheese press at most cheese supply stores, you can also make one fairly inexpensively.   We would opt to purchase one, but if you have carpentry skills like this author from Mother Earth News, making a press from pieces you already have is a great idea.  Check out this detailed description of how to make your own cheese press.

An excerpt:

“I love homemade cheese and find the majority of store-bought varieties lacking in many respects. However, mass-manufactured cheese presses that remove the supermarket middleman can run you up to $100, taking much of the fun (and all of the cost savings) out of it. I happened upon a very simple design a few years ago, which I put together for nothing. (If you have to buy the parts I had on hand, they will run you about $15.) Our source of pure milk is Daisy Mae, a holstein-jersey mix I received six years ago as partial payment for some carpentry work.”

A Homemade Cheese Press.

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